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more domain options - JCircle - 06-24-2011 03:32 AM

confusion over domain alias, and the like.
This is user feed back that makes me post this.

In most cases a domain alias is a domain that points to the home of another there for "aliasing" the domain to the parent. In the case of ispCP "alias" is to the account. This isn't so much a alias as a new domain. Now to my point.

domain options:
Register NEW DOMAIN (this should pend approval as this domain is new and at some point have whois tools added as well) should then email or display to the user the name servers to use.

Host existing Domain (this should just add the domain to the account with out approval) should then email or display to the user the name servers to use.

Domain Alias should be the next option on domain setup.
this could list the domains in the account in a drop down, much like the email does now with forward or normal.

The alias option if checked should then set its name in apache ServerAlias and not create everything else for the domain.

This would open options for billing tools, domain registration tools and the like.

Sorry if this sounds like a lot, This does come from my test group that are use to other control panels out there.

RE: more domain options - RatS - 06-28-2011 06:39 AM

There is a ticket dealing with this already (unfortunately our trac is still down). I will give you the link when I'm able to and you could check it and add the delta to your ideas to another ticket.