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additional Interfaces down - hans165 - 10-12-2011 06:48 PM


the server has multiple IP addresses eth0, ....., eth0:3, ....., eth0:9, eth0:10.
But over night (23:59:??) the interfaces are going down (apache logs for eth0:x IPs ends there).
Only eth0 is still present.

I have to do: /etc/init.d/ispcp_network restart to get all eth0:x interfaces up again.
Seems like a running cron at about 23:59:xx ?! But I have no idea which cron it can be.
No logs are written to analyze this problem.

After reboot, the interfaces are down too. But everything is installed correctly:

I tried to move the Scripts to S99 instead of S01, but no success :-(
I have to do the "ispcp_network restart" to get the interfaces working :-(

System Information:
- OS: Debian squeeze 6.0.2
- ispCP: ispCP 1.0.7 OMEGA, build: 20101124, Codename: Priamos

RE: additional Interfaces down - joximu - 10-12-2011 07:13 PM

Try to find the exact time - then try to find the source (a cron job?).