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Editing vacation autoreply message - Qwerty256 - 02-26-2012 03:05 AM

You have misspeling there:


IS: $template = 'mail_autoresponder_enable.tpl';
SHOULD BE: $template = 'mail_autoresponder_edit.tpl';

line: 64
IS: 'TR_ENABLE_MAIL_AUTORESPONDER' => tr('Edit mail auto responder'),
SHOULD BE: 'TR_EDIT_MAIL_AUTORESPONDER' => tr('Edit mail auto responder'),

and /var/www/ispcp/gui/client/mail_edit.php

line: ~207 you have:
                                        'ACTION'                                => 'update_pass,update_forward',
                                        'FORWARD_MAIL'                  => true,
                                        'FORWARD_MAIL_CHECKED'  => $cfg->HTML_CHECKED,
                                        'FORWARD_LIST_DISABLED' => 'false'
and in here should be
'NORMAL_MAIL' => true,
because we are editing normal-email as weel Smile

and by the way, if you do edit email, and remove forwards, you have no option to switch back to forward email.. when i fix it i will paste it here