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Additional Software for clients - Esni - 10-31-2007 01:13 AM


I was hoping to get some help from other ispcp/vhcs users about additional software(services) to be offered under the ispcp-control panel.

More accurately I mean the software under /ispcp/gui/tools.

First of all, some list of the software that we use to provide some extra service for our clients.
- Squirrelmail + passwd changer
- Newest version of net2ftp
- Maia mailguard
- pma
- CMS-software. Gives a good way to write our tutorials/faqs without ruining the anonnymity of the panel(important for resellers)

What other softwares could we use? We are especially intrested in homepagebuilder softwares, is there a suitable builder for this kind of a use?

All ideas of softwares to provide extra service is more than welcome.