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release rc3, and other things - joximu - 05-08-2007 11:02 PM

Hi developers

I'd like to vote for releasing rc3 and continue work on rc4

I read several forum posts where the error already was fixed (the proftpd /etc/hosts thing). And I think it'd give the project another punch - it seems that the "drive" has slowed down... :-(

There are a lot of tickets, some of them already have the solution published. A big step to 1.0 still are the install/update routines. Some tickets may be moved to > 1.0.
I don't know who of the dev team has time now and in the next weeks/months - and I don't know who is responsable for which part of the project (RatS has updated all the language files and is assigned to some heavy update script...) - maybe it'd be best to have some people responsible for their "own" part: someone for the perl scipts (engine), someone for install/update scripts, someone for ispcp gui and other for separated projects (pma, webmail etc etc).
Please write, what is needed - I think people would like to help but something should be going on...


RE: release rc3, and other things - BeNe - 05-09-2007 01:11 AM

You got the Point!
I see this with the same eyes. Let us bring out what is bugfixed that time
and start rc4. Ok it is not very nice then a RC4 _must_ running without
much problems, but the poeple will talk again and more about ispCP Wink

Some tickets could be closed/fixed - but it looks like that there is no time for the Project?? Of course will we help....

Greez BeNe

RE: release rc3, and other things - digibyte - 05-09-2007 01:14 AM

The intention was to make a update script available in rc3. As far as I can see, this is not available yet. The latest release (RC2b) is only 2 weeks ago. I think anyone suggesting that this project slows down is absolutely wrong. If someone really wants the latest version, then use svn or our nightly builds.

RE: release rc3, and other things - joximu - 05-09-2007 01:47 AM

Hi digibyte
ok, I don't see whats planned for which rc - I see: some people want to test ispcp, they download rc2b and fail to start proftpd (several messages but always the same reason).
It's not very amusing for helpers in the forum.
Then: rc1 was about 16 days old when rc2 was released - since we had a rc2b we maybe have just the same reason now - I'm not fixed to rc3 but there were so many bugfixes in rc2 that I think the new "testers" should use a newer version. So how can we force them to use a new svn/nightly? The title "rc2c" or "rc3" or whatever would help...
I agree: rc3 should have an installer - but if you look at the timeline you have the impression that there is much less working on the project in recent days (or they all work on the installer :-)
I hope you see, what I try to point out.

RE: release rc3, and other things - digibyte - 05-09-2007 06:28 AM

Okay, testing a buggy rc is indeed not pretty. Well, if the rest of the development team decides to make a new release the next days, i propose to use version number RC2c, since we couldn't finish the upgrade script yet. RC2c will then just be released because of some "big" bugs that prevent the user from testing ispCP Omega.

RE: release rc3, and other things - RatS - 05-09-2007 08:41 AM

I'm sorry for working less on ispCP; I've to share my short spare time with projects (in University and company), my location change and my wife.
Why are there only two people working on the code?
Where are those people crying for real open source on VHCS Project?

PLEASE help us fixing bugs and developing ispCP!

RE: release rc3, and other things - joximu - 05-09-2007 08:57 AM

Hi RatS
I'm not charging you - I see that you do alot for the project - I also know the thing about time... and: I neither know why only 2 people are working on the code (or lets say: putting things in the SVN and thereby solving tickets). I like the open source thing, and I think I already put some good infos to the tickets - but I cannot do more:
- some open tickets I'd rather move to "after 1.0 release"
- some tickets are dealing with the installer and since someone works at the updater and the official installer I think it's worthless to do something there...
- and then: for me the ticket system is not very handy: if someone wrote some comments I can't see that in the ticket list - I have to go through every ticket...
- and then I see the tickets I think could be resolved with just putting the solution into SVN...

What I'm missing: who's responsable for which part of the project. I think this would be a move forward - its hopeless if two people doing everything.

So: what can I do to help (please don't say: fixing the open tickets... - first the already solved should be put into SVN and testet). What about the installer/updater.


RE: release rc3, and other things - BeNe - 05-09-2007 05:04 PM

Looks like we are on the same point than some weeks before -->

RE: release rc3, and other things - Zothos - 05-09-2007 05:06 PM

in some points i agree with joximu. But, just wait a bit. Rats and ephigiene are working very hard to bring isp to a stable state. So just wait a bit ^_^

RE: release rc3, and other things - BeNe - 05-09-2007 05:13 PM

For sure - waiting is not the problem!
But the work is it. Only 2 people of 17 ( are working on the project. Sad