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RPM Package Development - GioMac - 03-31-2009 05:36 PM


I am very glad that project is moving and there are many ideas and wishes, from my side I want to create a little bit flexible RPM that will help you to setup panel on you RPM-based distro in easier way...
I tried to find here some suggestion but unfortunately didn't. If there is someone who already started and can help me with it - I'll appreciate...

Currently I am experimenting with Fedora and Opensuse and I already have testing RPM that will put ISPCP files into /etc /usr /var directories, but anyway, you have to run setup script to override default configuration files that exist in the system, also, it doesn't provide information what part is MPL-specific and what part is GPL.

At least I want to divide GPL-source compiled files and MPL-files and have separated packages for it (like ispcp-omega-core, ispcp-omega-conf), also, I want to divide gui images/files so we can make it changeable in easy-way (ispcp-omega-gui).