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changing the theme - uwe - 05-13-2009 03:51 AM


I'm trying to setup a diffrent theme for ispcp, but the USER_INITIAL_THEME value is not respected Sad ... i have tried following the code a little, i echoed what class.config.php reads and it looks ok, but seems that include/ispcp-lib.php is called , parses the configs and then replaces them by default values !

This is 1.0.0 upgraded from RC7 on debian etch ! build says its build: 20090225

if i change (hardcode) it in gui/include/ispcp-lib.php, it works !! any ideas ? (i couldnt find anything about it except an abandoned and very old thread here : )

RE: changing the theme - sci2tech - 05-13-2009 04:13 AM

See table user_gui_props Wink

RE: changing the theme - uwe - 05-13-2009 04:27 AM

Thanks sci2tech,

well ... yes, some created users there are with omega_original theme, and others are with my custom theme , i changed <strike>a couple of them</strike> all of them , but trying to do :

echo $_SESSION['user_theme'].$_SESSION['user_theme'].Config::get('USER_INITIAL_THEME');


thus USER_INITIAL_THEME seems to not to be read from the config file Sad ...

RE: changing the theme - uwe - 05-15-2009 06:20 PM

i must add that the first thing im trying to change was the login theme ... so this property should not be related to a specific user ...