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Mail Enhancements - MasterTH - 11-30-2009 05:01 PM

Hi Guys,

i'm using ispcp for a while now and its great, really great. Setting up, Moving from one server to another everything is really easy and great.

But i miss some features.
- When a Customer has more then one Domain in his Account, he use Domain-Aliases, and he want's to add a Mail-Adress for all of his Domains then he has to generate for each domain a Mail-Adress with the similar front. Isn't possible to give the customers a select-box table where he can define all the domains he want to create the mailboxes/Aliases for?
- The other thing is, i touched it in the other point already, when the customer creates a new mailbox, he should be able to define aliases for this mailbox. Selecting the Domain & Aliases in which the alias should be created would also be very cool.

So what are you thinking about this??