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Problems with Outlook 2010 (beta) sending mails
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RE: Problems with Outlook 2010 (beta) sending mails
Guys, this German / English so caled sollution is not a solution at all. So if some package doesn't work, you guys just disable it and think its fixed?? Disabling NTLM in smtpd.conf doesn't fix the problem cause then your Microsoft Outlook clients cannot use SPA anymore and sending plain passwords over the network is almost the same as configuring an open relay.

My Cyrus NTLM package was working just fine under Postfix for all Outlook versions, except for Outlook 2010, it doesn't seem to work anymore, even worse, it totally crashes my smtpd process! So thanks to the release of Outlook 2010, I now have to tell all the other Outlook users who had no problems, to go use insecure settings cause I have to disable NTLM.

Does anybody have a REAL fix? I mean, a fix where Outlook 2010 can check SPA login without crashing the smtpd process?
07-01-2011 12:30 PM
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