21:35 Ticket #1823 (Probleme mit Forum einloggen !!!) closed by scitech
invalid: Forum is not part of ispcp software.
21:33 Ticket #1828 (Subdomains wiped out from apache config if Manual DNS switched on) closed by scitech
20:18 Changeset [1749] by scitech
  • trunk/CHANGELOG
  • trunk/gui/client/ftp_add.php
  • trunk/gui/client/ftp_choose_dir.php

Alias Subdomains aren't deleted from DB. Email forward validation missing

19:49 Ticket #1834 (SSL: Dedicated IP for alias domain) created by pgentoo
Currently its not possible to provide SSL for both the main account domain …
19:41 Ticket #1833 (add additional soft limits for account resources) created by pgentoo
Myself, as well as I'm sure many other hosting providers, let users …
19:29 Ticket #1832 (redirect of subdomain to another url) created by pgentoo
We have the option to set a "forward url" for a domain alias, but not for …
19:13 Ticket #1831 (More than one backup?) created by pgentoo
Can we modify to keep more than one ispcp backup? It would be nice to …
19:02 Ticket #1830 (backup problem in 1.0?) created by pgentoo
I'm running an ever so slightly newer version than 1.0, and I see some …
13:56 Ticket #1829 (Database Name) created by anonymous
pls add option for autogenerating database names.
13:22 Ticket #1820 (email forward validation missing) closed by scitech
fixed: In r1749
13:14 Ticket #1805 (small javascript tweak when adding catchall) closed by scitech
13:05 Ticket #1824 (variable not parsed: "current_ftp_cnt") closed by scitech
13:03 Ticket #1826 (Alias Subdomains aren't deleted from DB) closed by scitech
fixed: In r1749
12:47 Ticket #1784 (MySQL folder names after v 5.1.6 & quota) closed by scitech
fixed: We now use mysqldb_quota_by_mysql_engine() instead …
12:42 Changeset [1748] by scitech
  • trunk/CHANGELOG
  • trunk/configs/ubuntu/proftpd/Makefile
  • trunk/configs/ubuntu/proftpd/proftpd1.3.intrepid.conf

Repair support for Ubuntu; Improve ip management

03:42 Changeset [1747] by haeber
  • trunk/gui/include
  • remove external repository Zend Framework (will use branch instead)


05:38 Changeset [1746] by haeber
  • trunk/CHANGELOG
  • trunk/gui/admin/domain_details.php
  • trunk/gui/admin/personal_change.php
  • added Zend as external repository into include library of ispCP GUI (for future development)
  • coding style


05:32 Changeset [1745] by haeber
  • trunk/language-files/po/bg_BG.po
  • trunk/language-files/po/ca_ES.po
  • trunk/language-files/po/cs_CZ.po

updated po files

05:21 Changeset [1744] by haeber
  • trunk/CHANGELOG
  • trunk/gui/admin/admin_add.php
  • trunk/gui/admin/admin_edit.php
  • LANGUAGES: added (missing) translation strings
  • LANGUAGES: fixed translations for e-mails with {BASE_SERVER_VHOST_PREFIX}
  • GUI:code cleanup (some refactoring, coding style ...)
  • GUI:added hint about {BASE_SERVER_VHOST_PREFIX} in table header
01:07 Changeset [1743] by haeber
  • trunk/gui/themes/omega_original/admin/ip_manage.tpl
  • trunk/language-files/po/bg_BG.po
  • trunk/language-files/po/ca_ES.po

removed anytime empty option in select IP

00:54 Changeset [1742] by haeber
  • trunk/gui/client/alias_add.php
  • trunk/language-files/languages/german_germany
  • trunk/language-files/po/de_DE.po
  • added missing translation string
00:13 Changeset [1741] by benedikt
  • trunk/CHANGELOG
  • trunk/language-files/languages/catalan
  • trunk/language-files/languages/portugues_brazil
  • Upated: Catalan
  • Update: Portugese (Brazil)
00:12 Changeset [1740] by haeber
  • trunk/gui/admin/admin_add.php
  • trunk/gui/admin/admin_edit.php
  • trunk/gui/admin/admin_log.php
  • code cleanup: coding style, remove problematic php ending tags, single quotes for empty strings assignments
00:01 Ticket #1825 (Catalan translation update) closed by benedikt
fixed: Thank you aseques ... will be added to trunk soon!


23:53 Ticket #1828 (Subdomains wiped out from apache config if Manual DNS switched on) created by Pongrácz István <pongracz.istvan@…>
Hi, I found that, when I switched the Manual DNS support on, all DNS …
22:12 Ticket #1827 (Give an option to setup a remote mail server beside of localhost/disable) created by Pongrácz István <pongracz.istvan@…>
Hi, It would be nice to get the possibility to setup the mail server …
12:05 Ticket #1826 (Alias Subdomains aren't deleted from DB) created by felix.nuesser@…
I deleted a complete ispCP useraccount (including one alias and an alias …


17:51 Ticket #1825 (Catalan translation update) created by aseques
Up to date catalan translation
17:36 WikiStart edited by malte


20:39 Changeset [1739] by haeber
  • trunk/gui/admin/multilanguage.php
  • show only count/number of real translation strings, not the meta ones
20:13 Changeset [1738] by haeber
  • trunk/language-files/po/ca_ES.po
  • trunk/language-files/po/cs_CZ.po
  • trunk/language-files/po/es_ES.po

added missing strings for po files

16:01 Changeset [1737] by haeber
  • trunk/gui/admin/server_statistic.php
  • trunk/gui/admin/server_statistic_day.php
  • trunk/gui/client/domain_statistics.php
  • fixed/updated some translation strings
12:47 WikiStart edited by malte
12:45 WikiStart edited by malte
12:40 Ticket #1824 (variable not parsed: "current_ftp_cnt") created by benedikt
[…] Found in /admin/reseller_edit.php
09:44 howto/en edited by BeNe
09:36 howto/en edited by BeNe
09:31 howto/en edited by BeNe
09:24 howto/en edited by BeNe
09:21 howto/en edited by BeNe
09:17 howto/en edited by BeNe
Cleanup (diff)
08:37 howto/en edited by BeNe
Cleanup (diff)
08:29 howto/en edited by BeNe
Cleanup (diff)
08:21 howto/en edited by BeNe
Cleanup (diff)
08:08 howto/en edited by BeNe
Cleanup (diff)
08:07 howto/fr edited by BeNe
Cleanup (diff)
07:27 Ticket #1821 (New translation for pt-br) closed by benedikt
fixed: will be added to trunk. If you have, please give us the pt_br.po
07:10 Ticket #1823 (Probleme mit Forum einloggen !!!) created by Tango
Hat direkt mit ISPCP nichts zu tuen aber ich komme seit gestern nicht mehr …
06:38 Ticket #1822 (After upgrade to new trunk domains got status problem) closed by scitech
04:08 Changeset [1736] by haeber
  • trunk/language-files/po/bg_BG.po
  • trunk/language-files/po/ca_ES.po
  • trunk/language-files/po/cs_CZ.po

updated po files

04:04 Changeset [1735] by haeber
  • trunk/gui/admin/ispcp_debugger.php
  • trunk/language-files/languages/german_germany
  • trunk/language-files/po/de_DE.po
  • added and updated missing translation string
03:54 Changeset [1734] by haeber
  • trunk/gui/lostpassword.php
  • small typos in lost password system messages
03:50 Ticket #1822 (After upgrade to new trunk domains got status problem) created by haeber
With upgrade to current trunk r1732 and after performing database updates …
03:49 Ticket #1821 (New translation for pt-br) created by Sergio Souza <sergio@…>
Hi, following the guidance of BeNe …
03:32 Changeset [1733] by haeber
  • trunk/gui/include/admin-functions.php
  • trunk/language-files/languages/german_germany
  • trunk/language-files/po/de_DE.po
  • fixed german translation string and JavaScript? confirm message encoding
02:34 Ticket #1820 (email forward validation missing) created by pgentoo
It is currently possible to add an email forward to the same address, …
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