17:08 Ticket #2581 (update from nightly build (1.1.0) to beta1 (FreeBSD)) created by schmel
script ispcp-update does not work Warning: PDO::__construct(): [2002] No …
16:56 Ticket #2580 (install in FreeBSD: ./setup/reset-setup: No such file or directory) created by schmel
when you run make -f BSDmakefile install - error: install: …
16:10 Ticket #2579 (Conflict of perl dependencies in FreeBSD) created by schmel
Conflict of perl dependencies. New versions of programs require version …
09:54 Ticket #2570 (Change logrotate defaults for log retention policies) closed by benedikt
fixed: added in r3838
09:50 Ticket #2546 (backup selection and editing) closed by benedikt
fixed: it's fixed in 1.1.0 Beta 1
09:48 Ticket #2492 (The garble of Japanese is generated by IE) closed by benedikt
worksforme: I tried it with 1.1.0 Beta 1 and IE9: could not find any complains. Please …
02:14 Ticket #2433 (on-click-logon from the ftp-user site(such as for PMA)) closed by benedikt
fixed: added in r3852.
02:14 Changeset [3852] by benedikt
  • trunk/CHANGELOG
  • trunk/configs/common/database/database.sql
  • trunk/engine/setup/ispcp-setup-methods.pl
  • [GUI] Added #2433: on-click-logon from the ftp-user site(such as for PMA) (Thanks to William Lightning for the patch)
  • [GUI] Added some code improvements
  • [GUI] Fixed some language issues
  • [SETUP] Fixed setup problem with RKHunter not installed
00:11 Ticket #2578 (Add FTP Account for a Domain without Alias Shows @EmptyList in Dropdown) created by benedikt
If you want to add a FTP account to a domain without aliases, there is an …


21:31 Ticket #2575 (require_once (class.DateTime.php) Failed) closed by benedikt
unreproducible: class.DateTime?.php is a standard class of PHP and is not located in the …
15:13 Ticket #2577 (Script to move the old logs to archive folder) created by aseques
After patch http://isp-control.net/ispcp/ticket/2570 there was a complain …
11:31 Ticket #2576 (Cronjobs shouldn't all be run at the same time) created by schuetzm
In /etc/cron.d/ispcp (at least on openSuSE) there are many jobs with a …


06:54 Changeset [3851] by ShadowJumper
  • trunk/CHANGELOG
  • trunk/gui/tools/pma/ChangeLog
  • trunk/gui/tools/pma/Documentation.html
  • [TOOLS] Updated phpMyAdmin to version 3.4.2


19:31 Changeset [3850] by ShadowJumper
  • trunk/CHANGELOG
  • trunk/gui/client/mail_catchall.php
  • trunk/gui/include/Smarty/Smarty.class.php
  • [GUI] Updated Smarty to version 3.0.8
  • [GUI] Some small fixes
09:48 Ticket #2575 (require_once (class.DateTime.php) Failed) created by panaceya
http://admin.****.net/admin/multilanguage.php? but other pages worked is …


23:56 Ticket #2574 (Iptables rules from ispcp_network misses -j ACCEPT) closed by benedikt
fixed: added in r3849 thank you for the report.
23:55 Changeset [3849] by benedikt
  • trunk/CHANGELOG
  • trunk/configs/centos/init.d/ispcp_network
  • [CONFIGS] Fixed #2547: Iptables rules from ispcp_network misses -j ACCEPT
22:00 Ticket #2574 (Iptables rules from ispcp_network misses -j ACCEPT) created by leleobhz
Continuing analisis in http://isp-control.net/ispcp/ticket/2573 issue, i …
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