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RE: iscp 1.0.7 is not installed on FreeBSD 8.1 - schmel - 01-25-2011 05:09 AM

I replaced the
else this error:

Error at the last stage of the installation:
# perl ./ispcp-setup

GUI setup
         * ispCP GUI Bind9 configuration:        [ Done ]
         * ispCP GUI fastCGI/PHP configuration:  [ Done ]
         * ispCP GUI vhost file:                 [ Done ]
         * ispCP PMA configuration file:         [ Done ]
Post-installation tasks for freeBSD
Version: not found
[FATAL] An error occurred during setup process!
Correct it and re-run this program.
It's last lines in logs:
sys_command()                  | Starting...
getCmdExitValue()              | Starting...
getCmdExitValue()              | [DEBUG] External command exited with value 127
getCmdExitValue()              | Ending...
sys_command()                  | [ERROR] External command '/bin/sh postinst configure' exited with value 127 !
exit_msg()                     | Starting...
exit_msg()                     | Ending...
del_file()                     | Starting...
del_file()                     | Ending...
how to fix it?
translate by google

RE: iscp 1.0.7 is not installed on FreeBSD 8.1 - schmel - 03-08-2011 06:15 PM

up. problem is relevant

RE: iscp 1.0.7 is not installed on FreeBSD 8.1 - thewiizard - 03-10-2011 11:09 AM

having the same problem on 8.2 after quite a few others.

/usr/local/bin/bash postinst configure
./ line 71: Version: command not found

also, setup failed on a few files being missing but managed to find these in trunk.


Also doesn't like UTC as a time zone.

RE: iscp 1.0.7 is not installed on FreeBSD 8.1 - schmel - 04-20-2011 10:48 PM

I got install. FreeBSD 8.2 x64, nightly build from 19/04/2011. Errors were at the stage of the database and pma. The solution was simple, copy the folders - databases of pma ./ispcp/configs/common/ in /usr/local/etc/ispcp

ispcp 1.0.7 supports fcgid for FreeBSD? I installe with FastCGI...

RE: iscp 1.0.7 is not installed on FreeBSD 8.1 - schmel - 04-23-2011 05:17 PM

if you use a script
hosting# ./
MR_LOCK_FILE: not found
CMD_AWK: not found
CMD_BZCAT: not found
CMD_BZIP: not found
CMD_CHOWN: not found
CMD_CAT: not found
CMD_CHMOD: not found
CMD_CP: not found
CMD_DIFF: not found
CMD_CMP: not found
CMD_DF: not found
CMD_DU: not found
CMD_ECHO: not found
CMD_EGREP: not found
CMD_GZCAT: not found
CMD_GZIP: not found
CMD_GREP: not found
CMD_GROUPADD: not found
CMD_GROUPDEL: not found
CMD_HOSTNAME: not found
CMD_IFCONFIG: not found
CMD_IPTABLES: not found
CMD_LN: not found
for some reason this script during the installation did not work out. and all the folders and files to the owner of "33 ". had to manually put all the files vu2000: www ... Then it worked.