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RE: We need your help!!! Where is the Community ? - BeNe - 09-03-2007 06:16 AM

Quote:and since the official test server doesn't let me connect to it via SSH
Does that mean that we need one ore more Servers for Testing and Development ?

Quote:RatS is supposed to be the project leader, but I haven't seen the leadership I would expect to see on a project;
The first time RatS was here, ephigenie was here and there was a leading.
But they lost a little bit the contact i think and the leading was away. Time to fresh this Up. And this is a very good start here at this time with this great discussion.

Quote:Would I be correct in assuming everyone thinks there should be some communication?
Yes - we really need to communicate more here, we are a Team!

Greez BeNe

RE: We need your help!!! Where is the Community ? - rsmithgs - 09-03-2007 06:25 AM

well i'm willing to chuck a server or 2 into the dev pool :-)

should we sort out some real time comms for the dev team?

RE: We need your help!!! Where is the Community ? - RatS - 09-03-2007 06:58 AM

There is a devel vServer, used by me; I'm testing almost every change by uploading the changed files via SCP. The server is always up to date, but raphael has some problems to connect to it. Don't know, why.

I know that there is not much input of me in the last time; but you have to understand the background.
In 2006 we were forced to take a fork from VHCS. Malte and mine plane were another than setting up a platform. We were willing to handle you a finished version 1.0 of VHCS Omega but VHCS was dyeing and we had no time to realise our project as it should.
Every six month there is a period of three month I've to prepare for exams - it's now, as you can guess; I've only two free hours a day, too less, to create recommendations and fix bugs. My priority lies on shipping ispCP Omega 1.0 and than reorganizing everything.
Raphael, please be patient, I like most of your ideas. However they stand in conflict with releasing quick. What is not understandable on a "Freeze and only Bugfixing"? This are my words.

I don't need to get paid, there is no way to force me doing more on icpCP because I won't get more time. You have to understand and to help me as much as you can.

P.S.: The languages don't need to be updated every day or every change. Once a week is enough!

RE: We need your help!!! Where is the Community ? - joximu - 09-03-2007 07:20 AM


I still am serious about this way:
- taking the current snapshot (eg. version "A") -> no more development, only bugfix.
- Raphael continues the further development (no languages, no updates script, no other distros)
- Some other devs need to implement the fixes in Version A, later we should focus on the update script, the languages and the other distros.

I don't see a chance if Raphael has to bugfix and develop... (for now).

I remember Malte saying that a "bigger and better" solution is planned - from scratch, good structure everything modularized... well, if we wait another year Raphael will have converted ispcp to something like this... :-)


RE: We need your help!!! Where is the Community ? - BeNe - 09-03-2007 10:06 PM

This means, that raphael should be now active for new features and is working in a branche and *other* Devs (RatS and ephigenie ?) working on Bugfixes to release a stable RC3 or what ever ?! And later include the features made by raphael in the brachnes to the stable trunk.

So the first time we have a stable but light ispCP Omega and in later Version a stable and feature rich ispCP Omega

Is this Right so?

Greez BeNe

RE: We need your help!!! Where is the Community ? - rsmithgs - 09-03-2007 10:09 PM

and this way we have a stable release to stop those defecting to the likes of DTC etc and have a roadmap for version 1.1 for all the "missing" features.

RE: We need your help!!! Where is the Community ? - Breaki - 09-03-2007 10:30 PM

so, now i am reading this board for a week now and i think ispCP is a good alternative to the other control-systems, cause there is no more dev on vhcs (and i liked it). Now i want to start helping you in fixing bugs to release RC3 (yesterday i did a bugfix for the missing files #611) and now i like to help on #573 but i have no access to the Topic to talk with you about my solution.

So lets bring ispCP to the next step: RC3


RE: We need your help!!! Where is the Community ? - ephigenie - 09-03-2007 10:41 PM

you can now discuss - i splitted up the topic there shouldn't be discussion below security announcements.

You'll now find the thread below " General discussion"

RE: We need your help!!! Where is the Community ? - Diggo - 09-04-2007 01:53 AM

I've registered freshly, because I've been around since about 4 months. This topic seems to me to be a great evidence that the community here is still alive altough there are different opinions around here.
But differences can be cleaned out I think in front of a goal that is making VHCS Omega/ISP-Control the best opensource control panel. You already did a good job. I want to thank everybody that has taken part in this project.

But now here's what I think: I believe that the effort in making a stable release is the better way. Never the less the features Raphael is programming are needed.
Let's say I am a typical VHCS user or a normal rootserver admin. I came to Omega trying out all other Panels like SysCP and ISPconfig.
ISPconfig is in my eyes a stable, but 'weird to use' panel - but it's stable and it upgrades seamless. It has a community that writes tutorials - this is the way they got me testing this first.
SysCP is easy to use, but has a weird homepage...
But both lack one feature that is nowerdays needed - support PHP over FastCGI out of the box.
That's why I stayed with VHCS Omega. But since that day 5 months have been gone. Having a look at the this homepage just suggests me that nothing has happened. I am feeling unconfortable/unsecure about running a beta on my worldwide box. Trying to upgrade to a newer trunk screwed my installation up, so i had to roll-back. Omega is still running, but I won't put my friends on that server before I am confirmed that this system is going to last.

I believe that if you focus on creating a 'first stable' release and adding features step by step is the better way. I saw some people that wanted to program everything perfect, ending up in 'rewriting from scratch' leading to burnout with never releasing one thing that the community could take part in. I guess releasing a stable version followed by newly developed features will gather more resources like artists (themes) and so on.

My situation is now, that I promised some friends, that they can get "self administered" webspace on my rootserver (in a xen DomU) - that was january. I said to them: "when it's done", but if development takes a year (with beeing announced much earlier) some people will feel to be forced to stay with other solutions.

just my 2 cent.

I hope no one will leave this project unsatisfied. Again i want to thank everybody who made this possible so far, yet. Cool

RE: We need your help!!! Where is the Community ? - MicCo - 09-04-2007 08:46 AM

I'm just very sorry to hear that so many people have been "looking" around for 4 - 5 months, just waiting for other people to make them an free software, instead of supporting the coders and the project much sooner.

I can also tell you, all the visetors just looking around, that much more work are done by the coders then what you sees in this forum.

Last, we all need to put bread on the table and send our kids to school, and even some have an wife or girlfriend that also wants a bit. This is an free and open source, made by people that just want to make the best, even without getting paid.

So if I may, please don't ask what this project can do for You, but be welcome to ask what You can do for this project !