ispCP Omega

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Stable releases

ispCP Omega 1.0.7 Click here to download ispCP Omega 1.0.7 from

MD5 bz2: f13d23dfd2e73c73623935dc9e8cc918
MD5 gz: e6652fd24a61fba5cb970ff70d31d6db
MD5 zip: cc86bf7de6e7e6f6f69d128bd350e858
MD5 7z: ab9c12223301c182d760c55a6208ecb2

 Stable releases

ispCP Omega 1.0.6 Click here to download ispCP Omega 1.0.6 from

MD5 bz2: 89614260fb33a4506cab635c28155596
MD5 gz: 530b8365a87a2a3a6d89ab357832e2d2
MD5 zip: 6a83a71b910247a3c407eb2a2e21aa97
MD5 7z: 698b4ed2e7cb7e8143c9b19a8badcf86

Unstable releases see Daily Snapshots

Please test this release as much as you can, but be aware that this is a UNSTABLE release. Not recommended to use in production environments. Submit new bugs to the tracker.

Have a look at the development site to see what’s going on.

Daily Snapshots

Please be aware that this downloads are the HEAD branch of the actual development which means, they can be highly unstable. There’s absolutely NO SUPPORT for these versions. You’ve been warned!