Project Info

What is isp Control Panel?

isp Control Panel (ispCP) is an open source project founded to build a Multi Server Control and Administration Panel. This Control Panel is usable by any Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Rather than start a project from scratch, the team searched for existing open source implementations and decided to fork the dying Virtual Hosting Control Panel (VHCS) project. This community effort to continue on the work of VHCS lead to the creation of ispCP Omega.
ispCP Omega release

The ispCP Omega release is completely based on the original open source VHCS project. Because part of the ispCP dev team were core members of the dead VHCS project, Malte (ephigenie) and Benedikt (RatS) felt an obligation to offer the desperate community a way to migrate to ispCP. This led to the creation of ispCP Omega, a migration path from VHCS to ispCP, allowing the community to enjoy a fast, reliable and stable platform with unlimited growth potential.

ispCP Omega

ispCP Omega has a dual license. Unfortunately, we cannot change the copyright of the parts belonging to the VHCS project – licensed under the Mozilla Public License. All new code, and submissions to ispCP Omega will only be accepted if the included code is provided under Gnu Public License (V2).


We are working on a complete rewrite for ispCP. All parts of the ispCP project will be completely under Gnu Public License (V2). We have a strong and dedicated commitment to open source.