Version numbering changed

Because a lot of people get confused of our version numbering of ispCP Omega starting at 2.4.8 and because we want to show that ispCP Omega is actually a completely reborn of VHCS, the development team has decided to give the first release the version number 1.0.

So the ispCP Omega 2.4.8 announced earlier becomes ispCP Omega 1.0, the new generation of the open source virtual hosting system VHCS.

The first release of ispCP Omega will have a lot of re-designing issues: FastCGI-based engine, PHP4/5 selector, a brand new webmail and design, AwStats, …  So it's absolutely worth to make the switch from VHCS to ispCP Omega.

When ispCP Omega 1.0 is finished, we will continue to use OPEN development to build new versions of the hosting control panel.  We don't want this project to be completely dependent of one person and end like VHCS.