VHCS Omega becomes ispCP Omega

Because the owner of the original VHCS branch don't want anymore that we use the name "VHCS", we have decided to change the name "VHCS Omega" into "ispCP Omega".

Our initial reason to use "VHCS" in the package name was a tribute to the good work the VHCS developpers did in the past and to respect the MPL license but this is apparently not appreciated by the owner of VHCS.

With the name change we entirely split from the original VHCS branch.

Our main ideas are to develop ispCP Omega in a open way, to take security serious and don't let the whole project be dependent of one person.

In this way, we want our project to be more open, active
and stable.

When ispCP Omega 1.0.0 is released, we will start brainstorm sessions and the design phase of the ispCP framework for multi server environments.

Even before the first lines of code will be programmed everyone will get access to our plans. So stay tuned!