ispCP Omega 1.0.7 Release

After two Release Candidates, the ispCP Team would like to announce the immediate availability of ispCP Omega 1.0.7 final Release. This release addresses the following issues:

Added FCGID 2.2 compatibility
Added jQuery as JavaScript Framework
Added new exceptions/errors handling libraries
Added PHP 5.3 compatibility
Added Subdomain Redirects
Added Support of HTTP(S) Ports differing from 80 & 443
Added Terms of Service
Enhanced Domain Alias Handling
Enhanced FreeBSD Support
Enhanced custom DNS records manager
Enhanced Setup/Update/Uninstall processes
Improved IDNA support
Improved SETUP look and feel
Improved User Handling
Postgrey Port Change (depending on distribution)
Removed HTML-Purifier
Re-written Translation Handling
Re-written Ticket System
Security Improvements

ispCP Omega is an open source solution to all your web hosting needs. You can download the latest stable release from the downloads section. Before you download ispCP, please browse through our comprehensive ispCP documentation section and review the System Requirements, Installing ispCP, Frequently Asked Questions and HowTo’s.

We would like to thank our community for all the support. We are constantly looking for developers, translators and maintainers for the various distros supported by ispCP Omega.

1. Maintainers: ispCP Omega is available for CentOS, Debian, Fedora,
FreeBSD, Gentoo, OpenBSD, OpenSuse, RedHat, Slackware, Suse and Ubuntu.

We require experts with knowledge of the distros above who can help us maintain ispCP for each and every release.

If you want to join a dynamic open source project as a maintainer, please make your intention known at the forum.

2. Translators: ispCP Omega is already available in a variety of native languages.

We are still seeking experts to help us in translating ispCP to many more languages.

We also ask the community to review existing translations and help us make any corrections or amendments via the forum.

3. Developers: ispCP Omega is a large project with ambitious goals and milestones.

We are always on the hunt for talented developers to join our family of programmers, administrators and future visionaries.

We need developers competent in the following technologies: AJAX, C, CGI, Perl, PHP, MySQL.

If you want to join a growing team of professional volunteers working on ispCP, please approach us via our forum.

4. Supporter: Support ispCP with your donations.

Every amount helps us towards our hosting fees, legal and public relations budget as well as setting up special events and workshops.

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