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July 7, 200716 years ago

Vote for ispCP on sourceForge

The nomination has ended and now it's time for voting!
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June 8, 200716 years ago 2007 Community Choice Awards

The 2007 Community Choice Awards are now accepting nominations and we invite you to nominate ispCP in category "Best New Project" and in any other category you believe ispCP belongs to.
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May 16, 200716 years ago

ispCP Omega 1.0.0 RC2c

Because a lot of bugs are fixed since the latest release, it's time to release a new version: RC2c.  It's not RC3 because there's no upgrade script yet. 
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April 18, 200717 years ago

ispCP Omega 1.0.0 RC2 released

The development goes really fast at the moment.
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April 10, 200717 years ago

VHCS Omega becomes ispCP Omega

Because the owner of the original VHCS branch don't want anymore that we use the name "VHCS", we have decided to change the name "VHCS Omega" into "ispCP Omega".

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